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Image of the Fortnight

This St. Patrick’s Day episode of Image of the Fortnight comes from Interim Ultrasound Director Dr. Douglas Ander. With this ultrasound, Dr. Ander found large amounts of free fluid in the peritoneal cavity and the ‘TIE fighter’ sign.


As you can see in the right upper quadrant view, there is a large amount of free fluid. Keep in mind that if you can see fluid in the right upper quadrant there is at least 650ml there. Also note the light grey appearance of the kidney consistent with a patient who has medical renal disease.



In the left upper quadrant view, we again see fluid and this reinforces the importance of obtaining a subdiaphragmatic view. Often times the first place fluid will collect in the LUQ will be between the spleen and the diaphragm instead of between the spleen and fascia.



Here in the suprapubic region we see free fluid and the “TIE” fighter sign. This represents visualization of fluid in the suprapubic region and suspension of the uterus by the ovarian ligaments.



For those who may not know, this is based on the “Twin Ion Engine” fighter which is a starship from the 1977 movie Star Wars.



This movie is one in which an orphaned boy named Luke Skywalker becomes radicalized after a military strike kills his family. He then becomes indoctrinated into an ancient religion (Jedi), joins a band of rebel insurgents, and carries out an attack on a space station that killed approximately 300,000 people.


Of note, the TIE fighter’s panels are solar panels and were much more environmentally friendly than most rebellion ships.


Good case and happy scanning.

Terry Singhapricha, M.D.