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Obstructed Foley


This week’s Image of the Week goes to Dr Rahul Balusu who diagnosed a foley catheter malfunction using bedside ultrasound.  An elderly male patient presented status-post TURP surgery with an indwelling foley catheter.  He had been seen in the ED the day prior for no urinary output, and had his foley replaced.  Over the last 24 hours, his urine output  had dropped to 50 mLs.  On bedside ultrasound, a distended bladder was noted with a foley balloon and catheter tip correctly located in bladder.   After using ultrasound to confirm foley catheter was still in the bladder, the ED RN flushed the foley and over 700 cc urine was drained.

Image 1

Transverse view of bladder showing distended bladder volume and inflated foley balloon


Image 2

Sagittal view of bladder showing distended bladder with foley balloon and catheter tubing


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Jehangir Meer, MD RDMS
Director of Emergency UltrasoundA
ssistant Professor
Emory University SOM