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Lower Back & Abdominal Pain

10/04/12 -  This week’s ultrasound image is brought to us by EM PGY1, Brandon Penn. Dr. Penn performed an abdominal aorta scan on a hypotensive 64 year old male who presented with abdominal and back pain. See below Image 1.

Image 1


This image captures a transverse view of the abdominal aorta and raises concern for a luminal defect. Can you ID the anatomy and pathology? See below Image 2. 

Image 2


CTA of the abdomen confirmed the presence of a fusiform aneurysm measuring 3.5 cm with a mural thrombus. Quick diagnosis allowed for appropriate management decisions and disposition to the ICU. 

Remember these simple things when performing an aorta scan:

Keep up the good work with scanning and stay tuned for next week’s image.

Patrick Thomas, EM PGY2