Grady Adds Mobile Emergency Unit to Handle Flood of Flu Cases

Grady is first hospital in US to add mobile emergency unit in response to severe flu season

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EM Celebrates Fadi Rammo

Friends and colleagues gathered on October 24 to celebrate Fadi Rammo, EM Clinical Operations Administrator, and wish him well in his new position as Assistant Vice President and Administrator for the Emergency Medicine service line with MedStar Health - Georgetown.

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Dr. Darius Watts receives GCEP Service Award

Dr. Darius Watts receives GCEP Service Award 2018

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27 Mar 2018
EM's Dr. Ziad Kazzi Among Organizers of International MENATOX Conference

23 Mar 2018
Dr. Jonathan Rupp cited by AJC on Distracted Driving: Life vs. Liberty

20 Feb 2018
Ebola: Taking Stock with Drs Alex Isakov and Bruce Ribner

16 Feb 2018
Dr. Alexander Isakov on Response to Mass Shootings - MedPage Today

08 Jan 2018
Dr. Alexander Isakov's Contribution to Disaster Resilience for Research Institutions Profiled in Emory Magazine

14 Dec 2017
Dr. Douglas Ander's Lifesaving Care at Peachtree Road Race Featured on 11Alive

06 Dec 2017
Dr. Hany Atallah Named to Woodruff Leadership Academy Class of 2018

16 Nov 2017
Emory News Press Release: Tammie E. Quest Named AAHPM Visionary

15 Nov 2017
Tammie Quest, MD, named a Visionary by American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine

15 Nov 2017
ACEP Sim Wars Champions!

10 Nov 2017
Emory and Grady Awarded Nearly $4M to Study Atlanta Car Crashes and Subsequent Injury

07 Nov 2017
EM Resident Rachel Koval Patzer Wins Student Oral Presentation Award

26 Oct 2017
EM Faculty Cited at 2017 School of Medicine Recognitions Event

26 Oct 2017
NIEHS Profiles Dr. Alexander Isakov and Emory Infectious Disease Response Program

27 Sep 2017
Emory Emergency Physicians Join Relief Effort for Hurricane Maria Victims

25 Sep 2017
Chair Communique Fall 2017

25 Sep 2017
Grady Introduces BrainScope One Technology

06 Sep 2017
Drs. Jonathan Rupp and Dorian Lamis Among SOM Faculty Recognized for Researcher Appreciation Day

31 Aug 2017
Dr. Alex Isakov Contributes to Disaster Resilience Report Released by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine

31 Aug 2017
Dr. Alex Isakov is a Lead Contributor to ASPR-TRACIE EMS Infectious Disease Playbook

06 Aug 2017
Class of 2017 Celebrates with a Night of Awards and Recognition

17 Jul 2017
Dr. Julio Lairet Promoted to Colonel in Georgia Air National Guard

23 Jun 2017
Drs. Michael Ross and Matthew Keadey Join in Emory Johns Creek Hospital Groundbreaking

31 May 2017
Medical Textbooks for Mozambique: An Emory Story

26 May 2017
Drs. Matthew Keadey and Daniel Wood Join Emory Local Healthcare Network (LHN) Board

17 May 2017
Chair's Communique - May 2017

17 May 2017
Drs. Ratcliff, Siegelman and Steck Among "Outstanding Educators" for 2017 Educator Appreciation Day

15 May 2017
Emory EM Presentations at SAEM

23 Mar 2017
Dr. Alexander Isakov to Serve on EMS Agenda 2050 Technical Expert Panel

28 Feb 2017
Dr. Bijal Shah Profiled on SOM Hidden Gems

22 Feb 2017
Third year residents attend Trauma Awareness Day at Georgia Capitol

22 Feb 2017
Emory University Hospital Midtown is Coverdell Champion Hospital of the Year

05 Feb 2017
Chair's Communique - January 2017

17 Jan 2017
Grand Rounds: Dr. Annie T. Sadosty

17 Jan 2017
Grand Rounds: Dr. Linda Lawrence

17 Jan 2017
Grand Rounds: Dr. Scott Sasser

13 Dec 2016
Grand Rounds: Dr. William Barsan

02 Dec 2016
Faculty Recognition

15 Nov 2016
Grand Rounds: Dr. Diane Birnbaumer

15 Nov 2016
Dr. Michelle Lall interviewed by ALiEM on "How I Promote Wellness in EM"

11 Nov 2016
Dr. Anne Daul's ACEP talk featured on FOAMcast

11 Nov 2016
Dr. Bryan McNally Testifies Before State Senate

27 Oct 2016
Emory Healthcare Network Expands Urgent Care Options

26 Oct 2016
Dr. Tammie Quest Elected to Presidency of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine

25 Oct 2016
Grand Rounds: Jeffrey Brent, MD, PhD, FACMT

18 Oct 2016
Dr. Alex Isakov is ACEP Rookie Speaker of the Year

12 Oct 2016
Drs. Douglas Ander and Nicole Franks Named to 2017 Woodruff Leadership Academy

05 Oct 2016
Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Joshua Schier Featured on CDC Blog

29 Sep 2016
Best Place to Work: Faculty and Staff Recognized for Emory Service

28 Sep 2016
Desrine Owens Honored with Staff Above and Beyond Award

28 Sep 2016
Program Spotlight: Grady Patient Access to Routine HIV Testing Through FOCUS

26 Sep 2016
Radioactive Training Program by EM Toxicology Section

31 Aug 2016
Emory-led Emergency Services Receive AHA Mission:Lifeline Awards

19 Jul 2016
Dr Ricardo Martinez Joins Sullivan Alliance Board of Directors

05 Jul 2016
Dr. Nicole Franks Discusses Keeping Children Safe in the Heat on The Weather Channel

27 Jun 2016
Emergency Medicine Residency Class of 2016 Celebrates

21 Jun 2016
Dr. Brooks Moore Discusses Georgia's Trauma Care on NPR

06 Jun 2016
Emory Faculty Shine at 2016 CORD Conference

02 Jun 2016
Emory Faculty Provide Emergency Care at the Super Bowl

02 Jun 2016
Emory Awarded NIEHS Worker Training Program (WTP) Grant

06 May 2016
Dr. Melissa White receives Distinguished Georgia EMS Medical Director Award

19 Mar 2016
Emergency Medicine Supports Grady Health Foundation at White Coat Grady Gala

16 Mar 2016
Dr. Ursula Kelly promoted to Associate Professor of Nursing with Tenure

17 Feb 2016
Dr. Ziad Kazzi named President of Middle East North Africa Toxicology Association

08 Feb 2016
ACEP Publishes Online Observation Services Toolkit

08 Feb 2016
Dr. Donald Stein Receives Henry Stonnington Award for Brain Injury Manuscript

28 Jan 2016
Dr Alex Isakov receives NAEMSP 2016 Outstanding Contribution to EMS Award

12 Jan 2016
New Textbook from Emory EM Faculty

18 Dec 2015
Dr. Daniel Wu Selected for 2016 Woodruff Leadership Academy

08 Dec 2015
Dr. Elizabeth Davlantes Accepted into CDC Epidemiology Intelligence Service

24 Nov 2015
FBI has named Atlanta as one of 14 cities in the U.S. with the highest incidence of children used in Sex Trafficking

09 Oct 2015
Faculty Recognition

01 Sep 2015
Residents receive HOPE Award

01 Sep 2015
Dr. Monica Khan Receives GCEP 2015 Service Award

15 Jul 2015
Emory University Hospital, Emory University Hospital Midtown and Emory Johns Creek Hospital receive 2015 American Heart Association Mission

08 Jul 2015
Dr. Debra Houry discusses the "dramatic rise" of heroin use in the United States in this CBS News interview.

01 Jul 2015
CARES, the Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival led by Dr. Bryan McNally

08 Jun 2015
Emory Emergency Medical Services wins top regional honors

08 Jun 2015
Emory Emergency Medical Services is named EMS of the year for Atlanta metro area emergency services.

08 Jun 2015
Alex Isakov named Medical Director of the Year.

05 Jun 2015
Emory patient John Muse returns to thank Emory for emergency care

01 Jun 2015
Dr. Laren Hudak: Member Highlight in the May-June 2015 SAEM Newletter

01 Jun 2015
Dr. Anna Yaffee, EM Resident Class of 2015, interviewed for Global Health Institute feature story on the School of Medicine Global Health Residency Scholars Program.

01 Jun 2015
Dr. Hany Atallah: Simple Changes for ED Results

15 May 2015
The Grady EMS Biosafety Transport Team is the winner of the 2015 Health-Care Heroes Allied Health Professional award. Emory EM's Dr. Alex Isakov is the team medical director.

15 May 2015
Dr. Sheryl Heron receives Healthcare Heros Award

15 May 2015
Dr. Isakov's Grady EMS Biosafety Transport Team is the winner of the 2015 Health-Care Heroes Allied Health Professional award.

15 May 2015
Dr. Heron receives Healthcare Heros Award

12 May 2015
Dr. Sheryl Heron honored as the Emory School of Medicine Outstanding Woman in Medicine 2015

12 May 2015
Dr. Sheryl Heron honored as the Emory School of Medicine Outstanding Woman in Medicine 2015

01 May 2015
Dr. Hany Atallah: Simple Changes for ED Results

01 May 2015
Dr. Laren Hudak: Member Highlight in the May-June 2015 SAEM Newletter

01 May 2015
Dr. Alex Isakov and the Grady EMS Biosafety Transport Team for Ebola patient, Dr. Brantley

14 Apr 2015
Dr. David Wright discusses sports related concussions

01 Apr 2015
Dr. Isakov and the Grady EMS Biosafety Transport Team for Ebola patient, Dr. Brantley

26 Mar 2015
Emory emergency and family medicine doctors team up with CDC for Ebola support

20 Mar 2015
Grady Testing Finds Half Of Atlanta's Newly Diagnosed HIV Patients Have AIDS

01 Mar 2015
Dr. Kyle Brown and Dr. Sean Lowe at the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Mid-Atlantic Meeting

01 Feb 2015
Dr. Bryan McNally receives NAEMSP ¿Friends of EMS¿ Award

13 Dec 2014
Dr. Wright: Emory-Georgia Tech team wins NFL Head Health Challenge II for iDETECT brain injury detection

13 Nov 2014
Dr. David Wright: Emory-Georgia Tech team wins NFL Head Health Challenge II for iDETECT brain injury detection

22 Oct 2014
Ebola EMS Grand Rounds with Dr. Alex Isakov - September 2014

13 Aug 2014
Dr. Daria Gillespie: Robin Williams' death sparks posts about depression

12 Aug 2014
Dr. Deb Houry: Emory on Coursera: Understanding Violence

05 Aug 2014
Dr. Daria Gillespie: Answering Questions about Ebola

01 Aug 2014
Dr. Alex Isakov's EMS team involved in the transport of the patient

01 Aug 2014
Dr. Arthur Yancey and Grady EMS team recognized at Region II EMS Awards. Dr. Julio Lairet recognized at Georgia EMS Awards Banquet.

20 Jul 2014
Leon Haley chosen Secretary and Chair-Elect for the Essential Hospitals Institute.

20 Jul 2014
Alex Isakov exploring bystander response to disaster for National Security Council Staff at The White House.

10 Jul 2014
Julio R. Lairet appointed to serve as State Air Surgeon of the Georgia Air National Guard

03 Feb 2014
Emory Healthcare workers warn about frostbite as temps drop

03 Dec 2013
Dr. Micahel Ross, Dr Matthew Wheatley, Dr. Stephen Pitts: Protocol-Driven Emergency Department Observation Units Offer Savubgsm Shorter Stays, and Reduced Admissions

11 Nov 2013
Four Emory hospitals achieve AHA recognition for heart attack care

29 Oct 2013
Dr. Michelle LaPlaca, Georgia Tech and Dr. David Wright, Emory: Atlanta Magazine 2013 Groundbreakers

01 Oct 2013
Dr. Patty Schiff named by Dean Larsen to the Emory School of Medicine Alumni Board

07 Jun 2013
Four Emory hospitals achieve AHA recognition for heart attack care

29 May 2013
Dr. Arthur Kellermann: Lessons from Boston

16 Apr 2013
Dr. Alex Isakov: Emory reaches out with prayers in wake of Boston tradegy

15 Apr 2013
Dr. Brooks Moore: Georgia Marathon officials to public: "We are Prepared"

01 Apr 2013
Dr. Don Stein: The Healing Hormone

31 Mar 2013
Dr. Arthur Yancey, II: Atlanta¿s Grady EMS addresses substance abuse and psych problems through new pilot program

19 Mar 2013
Shakiyla Smith: 2013 Emory Award of Distinction recipient. Congratulations!

11 Feb 2013
Dr. Michael Ross and Dr. Arthur Kellermann quoted in Washington Post: Observation units may ease burdens of ER care, but benefits to patients come at a price

31 Jan 2013
Dr. Menelaos Demestihas quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek: How to avoid getting the flu at work

31 Jan 2013
Dr. Deb Houry: College Rankings: a Guide to Nowhere

28 Jan 2013
Dr. Deb Houry: Co-convenes University Course: "Violence: A Multidisciplinary Inquiry"

09 Dec 2012
Dr. Michael Ross quoted in WSJ: Health Matters: A New Stroke Strategy

05 Nov 2012
Dr. Michael Ross: Filling a Gap Between ERs and Inpatient Rooms

03 Nov 2012
Dr. Deb Houry & Dr. Sheryl Heron: Why health reform is key for minorities

24 Oct 2012
McNally and Dr. Arthur Kellermann: Association of Neighborhood Characteristics with Bystander-Initiated CPR.

09 Oct 2012
Dr. Deb Houry: Leadership Atlanta Class of 2013

09 Oct 2012
Dr. Katherine Heilpern: Named to the Emory Healthcare Board of Directors

08 Oct 2012
Dr Sheryl Heron receives National Teaching Award.

01 Oct 2012
Dr. Don Stein: Game Changer: Transforming the science and practice of medicine

26 Sep 2012
Dr. Deb Houry's Op-Ed: Emergency Rooms are on Life Support

24 Sep 2012
EM Staff - Brenda Bruce, Robin McAdams & Shakiyla Smith: Participate in Emory's Learning and Organizational Development Graduation

15 Sep 2012
Christine Gisness, EM Nurse Practitioner: Inducted into the Academy of Emergency Nursing (AEN)

15 Sep 2012
Dr. Alyssa Bryant: Receives IPEC funding for Interprofessional Team Training program

10 Sep 2012
Dr. Douglas Ander: Receives Republic of Georgia grant to establish simulation based medical programs

03 Sep 2012
Dr. Tammie Quest: Named the Roxann Arnold Professor in Palliative Medicine

15 Aug 2012
Dr. Tammie Quest: PI in $250,000 palliative care grant to study impact of chaplain support

01 Aug 2012
Shakiyla Smith: Emory School of Medicine August Staff Member Spotlight

01 Aug 2012
Dr. Douglas Ander receives 2012 Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society - Volunteer Clinical Faculty Award

29 Jun 2012
Dr. Kiera von Besser appointed by Governor Deal to the Board of Community Health

21 Jun 2012
Dr. Pat Capes: Member of the Woodruff Leadership Academy Class of 2012

18 Jun 2012
Study tests if progesterone can save lives after brain injury.

13 Jun 2012
Dr. Art Kellermann: Emergency Departments, Medicaid Costs, and Access to Primary Care - Understanding the Link

16 May 2012
ABC News article about Parkinson's disease authored by EM Resident, Murtaza Akhter.

04 May 2012
Dr. Michael Ross: Making Atlanta the Best Place in America to Have a Heart Attack

01 May 2012
Dr Jeffrey Linzer receives Dr. Zeb L. Burrell, Jr. Distinguished Service Award

30 Apr 2012
Emory EM residents get behind-the-scenes media exposure.

30 Apr 2012
Dr. Deb Houry instrumental in earning Emory's Safe Community designation.

17 Apr 2012
Dr. Alex Isakov quoted on CNN.com - Study: Chopper trauma transport improves survival chances

16 Apr 2012
Dr. Art Kellermann quoted in an opinion article on the Trayvon Martin case "Trayvon Martin case also about guns"

20 Mar 2012
Dr. Alex Isakov quoted on CNN.com - Epinephrine may save the heart, but not the brain, says study

16 Mar 2012
Emory Goes the distance at Publix Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon

22 Feb 2012
Blood biomarker studies, using the large patient group from the ProTECT III trial, focus on stroke and TBI

17 Feb 2012
The Emory University Hospital Emergency Department is set to be renovated to accommodate increasing patient volume

16 Feb 2012
EM participates in groundbreaking study for treatment of patients with prolonged epileptic seizures

14 Feb 2012
Emory initiated CARES program has helped to double cardiac-arrest-survival rate.

01 Feb 2012
Dr. Ziad Kazzi recognized by The American Academy of Emergency Medicine Resident and Student Association

31 Jan 2012
The Palliative Care Center receives a $250,000 grant

13 Jan 2012
Guidelines for Field Triage of Injured Patients, lead by Dr. Scott Sasser

13 Jan 2012
Emory School of Medicine Joins Forces with First Lady Michelle Obama to Combat PTSD and Traumatic Brain injury

17 Nov 2011
Emory Leads National Palliative Care Initiative

17 Nov 2011
Dr. Deb Houry Named to Atlanta Business Chronicle¿s 40 under 40

03 Nov 2011
Emory Johns Creek Emergency Department Receives Top Marks for Patient Satisfaction

01 Oct 2011
Engineering the Perfect Match: What happens when engineers and clinicians get together?

01 Oct 2011
Expanded Trauma Center at Grady Increases efficiency and accessibilty

04 Aug 2011
Banyan Biomarkers, Inc. Works with Emory University to Analyze Biomarkers in the Clinical Trial of Progesterone in Traumatic Brain Injury

03 Aug 2011
NIH-Funded Researchers Assess Traumatic Brain Injury Biomarkers

13 Jul 2011
Progesterone Inhibis Growth of Neuroblastoma Cancer Cells

12 Jun 2011
Dr. Deb Houry Named New President of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine

10 Jun 2011
Dr. Deb Houry and Dr. Katherine Heillpern honored by Society for Academic Emergency Medicine

20 May 2011
Dr. Katherine Heilpern receives 2011 Health-Care Hero Award

20 May 2011
Dr. David Wright: Emergency Medicine Expert

01 Jan 2011
Emory Hospitals Earn Highest Level of Chest Pain Accreditation

01 Jul 2010
Dr. Arthur Kellermann: Making a Difference

22 Feb 2010
Progesterone for Traumatic Brain Injury Tested in Phase III Clinical Trial

22 Feb 2010
Progesterone for Traumatic Brain Injury Tested

20 Feb 2010
Progesterone May Help Treat Traumatic Brain Injury Patients, Phase III Trial To Start

14 Jan 2010
Atlanta To Serve as National Epicenter for Promising Phase III Brain Injury Treatment Trial

01 Jan 2010
An Afternoon in the ER¿

23 Jun 2009
Emory Announces Phase III Study of Progesterone for Traumatic Brain Injury. NIH Grant Will Allow Nationwide Network to Study Effects of Hormone's Effectiveness

23 Sep 2008
Study Findings Assist EMS with Cardiac Arrest Emergencies

12 May 2008
Dr. David Wright: Health-Care Innovations Her

17 Jan 2008
Portable Device Quickly Detects Alzheimers

26 Sep 2007
One Doctor's Lonely Quest to Heal Brain Injury